Core team members

Brigitte Lipschutz, PhD

Coach, trainer and scientific adviser

Brigitte Lipschutz is an experienced coach and trainer. She has coached executives, managers and teams in small, medium and large multinational organisations as well as in the European institutions.

She has delivered custom made trainings on topics such as “The neuroscience of resilience and stress”, "Motivation", “Developing your competencies” and “High personal impact”. Brigitte also develops and facilitates workshops for clients, examples: “Redefining the identity of our department”, “Sharpening our customer focus”

During her coaching sessions Brigitte realised that a large majority of managers were concerned with the topics of motivation and engagement. Whether for themselves - finding the motivation to do some things that keep being neglected, for some members of their team - those one or two team members with whom things just don't go as smoothly as with the others, of for the entire team in periods of change and doing more with less, the topic kept on being addressed over and over again. With her scientific background (see infra) and curious mind Brigitte started to go through the scientific literature to see if as for other topics she had addressed in the past (e.g. resilience, development of competencies), there were some practical insights to be gained from combining her coaching experience with the scientific literature. This is how the Team Engager journey started. 

Brigitte’s background as a coach and trainer is both rooted in science and in business:

  • Leadership Development: Brigitte has participated in the development of tools to facilitate Executive Integration, CEO Succession and Team Effectiveness for the Leadership Lab of Egon Zehnder 

  • Management Consulting: Brigitte has worked on management consulting projects in different industries as a consultant (senior associate) for the Boston Consulting Group

  • Cognitive Neuroscience: Brigitte has a PhD in cognitive neuroscience and has worked as a researcher doing functional brain imaging studies at University College London

  • Psychology: Brigitte holds a masters in psychology and has been a visiting professor at the psychology department of the Université Libre de Bruxelles

Associate team members

Team Engager works with an international network of associated coaches of high quality allowing us to take on large international projects.

This section is under construction - profiles of associates will be added soon.