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Team Engager is looking to create a benchmark with a 100 teams from different levels, industries and sectors for our Team Engager Exploration tool. This tool is a 30 minutes survey assessing the team dynamics as well as what makes people move (their motivational focus) and what keeps them engaged on the long term (their motivational needs) 

A great opportunity for your team(s)

The teams in your organisation who will join our benchmark will get the following :

  • Each member of the team(s) will be invited to participate in the 30 minutes Team Engager Exploration survey - simply filling in the survey might generate insights for those participating

  • Each team will receive a team report describing the results of the survey for their team as well as insights, tips and tricks on how to use that knowledge. !Special - Register now and get a 1 hour live presentation of your team's results!

  • Participants will be invited to a conference sharing the key insights of the benchmark exercise  


The results of these teams will serve as a benchmark for all further teams as well as a basis for the publication of scientific articles. All results will be anonymised and the data kept confidentially. Reports will be received by the teams at the end of the benchmarking exercise when data from all 100 teams has been analysed together, allowing each individual team report to benefit from the benchmark. 


For teams who are interested in more than the report and the conference, personalised team coachings, team buildings or trainings can be delivered. Their content will be grounded in the results of the survey for the team in question, maximising their value and impact.

If you have a team or several teams that could participate in the benchmark, please leave us a message and tell us wheather you are ready to start or weather you would like to organise a call or meeting to clarify some points before getting started




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